• Best Company Brochure

    A 204 page brochure containing hand sketches by the firm that is given to perspective clients.

  • Best Architectural Design Single Family Home Renovation

    The renovation of this French Residence included the transformation of the entire existing interior and expanded the living space into the attic and basement, while the exterior of the house remained decidedly French Manor. The owners had an attraction to Tuscan Stylistic elements as well as the lifestyle and so the new landscape plan reorganized outdoor living spaces to embrace and promote the interaction between indoor and outdoor spaces. The outdoor spaces surrounding the house took the form of a dining area under a night-lit pergola; a fire-pit bordered by low stone walls, a box-wood hedgerow and wide comfortable couches; walkways with trellises to walk under; formal gardens and a stone paver European parking court.

    Enthused by the owners, the inside now has accents of recessed panels, built in cabinets, faux painted and plastered walls with a touch of antique beams including a billiard room with wine bar in the lower level that create a home whose interiors are more reminiscent of a villa in Tuscany.

    This project was featured in the September/October 2013 New Jersey Industry Magazine.

  • Best Special Feature Room Design

    This spectacular room was developed as an addition to one of our Estate Homes. The requirements were a basketball court; an exercise area; an indoor pool; a fireplace; a juice bar with lounge and a Jacuzzi. The enthusiastic client drove the JCA design team to expand that to include in addition: a 45 foot tall sculpted tree capped with a tree-fort; a bench in the water at the base of the tree; an outdoor Jacuzzi accessed directly from the indoor pool; a waterfall; a water slide; a series of stained Douglas-fir bow trusses; a pizza oven; a bar-b-que; and a cave-like Jacuzzi grotto with a lighted shower head.